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STDA organize courses where requested Europe, Croazia, Malta, Red Sea and Arabic Peninsula, Thailand, China, South Korea and Australia

If you decide to come in Italy:

The best choice is at our scuba diving private association, in the famous holiday location of Riva del Garda, at lake Garda (the biggest italian lake with a maximum depth of 346mts and 52km long). Here the logistics is at the top level. This is the only place where we can ensure an 'Intro to Rebreather' level course in 6 full days, with a top level quality. The standard training day starts at 8.30 in the morning and end around 6 o'clock in the evening.

Divers and instructors come from Germany, Spain, France, Russia, Swiss and other European countries to attend courses with us and all of them have been very satisfied for the logistics, location and quality of our courses.

The diving school is placed in a strategic position: there is a classroom, a dressing room, showers, a filling station and a depot for scuba equipment. The dive spot is really very close, no more than 20 meters far.  The diving area is limited by some buoys: there is a shallow water plateau (4 to 18 meters), perfect for 1rst level courses and at the plateau end there is big wall -80/-85 meters depth and more for advanced courses.

We don't need boats adding other costs and wasting time to move to the diving spot.

You can plan your courses during all the year considering that water temperature is better since April till December (10-22°C) and the visibility is better since the end of August till March. The lowest water temperature is since January till March: 8/9°C.

Take a look at the diving area, clicking the Webcam view

Hotels/residence, restaurants and the parking area are also very close between 50 and 200 meters far. You don't need to use the car during your courses wasting your time; moreover if you come by plane we can pick up you at the airport (Verona, Catullo ariport) and leave you directly to the residence/hotel in Riva del Garda. The final result are some great days with an high level of training in a relaxing location and very good food, italian food. The chances to miss a dive due to bad weather conditions are really very low.

Local weather forecast website:

Where to stay:

There are many good and not expensive residence/hotels/camping . Booking it remember to consider the distance from our scuba private association ( address: Viale Rovereto, 140
38066 Riva del Garda). Some of them are few steps far other not.

For courses of two students or more, we suggest the Residence 'Centro Vela', where you can share an appartment at low cost and only 100 meters far from the diving school. Sometimes they have also some rooms available. When booking remember to say that you are there for a scuba diving course (with Marco Valenti).

An other possible choice is by Hotel Primo also very close and cheap.

For other hotel infos and booking:   or

If you prefer 'camping' these two are for you:


Flights to Italy:

The closest airport is in Verona (Valerio Catullo airport), 84 km far from Riva del Garda. You can reach Verona airport from the main european cities. If you need to be picked up from the airport to the hotel call us.

In Croatia:

If you prefer seawater we have an other choice, in Croatia: the logistic is very similar, cheap accomodations, good food, diving center under the residence rooms and the sea is 30 meters far from it. Shallow water for 'Intro to Rebreather' course and a wall for advanced level courses. Minimum water temperature during the winter is 10°C. Best period is since the end of August till May. Since June till August is crowded and you need to plan your course in advance for room reservations. Minimum water temperature during the winter 10°C.

Flights to Croatia:

The closest airport is in Rijeka. You can reach Rijeka airport from the main european cities. If you need to be picked up to the diving/residence, call us.

Other locations:

To organize courses in other locations feel free to contact us.

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