Fundamentals CCR Workshop

Why to attend a DIRrebreather Fundamental  workshop:

Since its implementation a few years ago, the Doing It Right philosophy has gained in popularity not only in the cave diving community, but also amongst technical divers and even recreational divers worldwide.

Unfortunately, so far, only open circuit scuba divers and a handful of semi-closed circuit rebreather divers could apply this set of rules about equipment configuration and dive procedures. Closed-Circuit Rebreathers divers were considered like black sheep, as their units were dangerous and their procedures dodgy. However, almost clandestinely, some CCR divers and Instructors decided to found what is now called DIRrebreather and to set up logical and simple rules that could apply to the DIR mindset AND CCR diving. We just dreamt about the best of both worlds!

The DIRrebreather team is made of experienced and active Rebreather explorers and instructors who share the same goal: implementing the DIR Philosophy into Rebreather diving.

For infos:

Prerequisites: be ccr certified

Course program: attending the DIRrebreather Fundamentals course means that the ccr diver want to increase his skills in diving with a ccr, trying to reach the highest level.

The program, based on the DIRrebreather approach, is developed in 3 days to achieve a standardization in the use of procedures, skills, mixes and more over.

The confined water part of the program is based on the target skills to be achieved for DIRrebreather standards.

DIRrebreather program:


Course orientation - Lecture 1 - Land drill - pool session


Dive 1 - Dive 2 -Lecture 2


Dive 3 - Dive 4 - Lecture 3 - Workshop closing

For info: