12th of October - Convention 'Wrecks... from the discovery to the exploration...'


The 12th of October at 20.30 p.m., will take place the conference 'Wrecks... from the discovery to the exploration...' by the hall 'former library' in Riva del Garda, D. Chiesa street.

Spokesman will be Marco Valenti that will show some dives done in the last years in the Mediterranean Sea. In particular Marco will talk about the dives on the armored cruiser 'Giuseppe Garibaldi', sunk during the 1rst World War close to croatian coast and  the cruise liner 'Natal' and submarine 'Protee' sunk in the south France sea.

It will be the chance to talk also about scuba equipment normally used to dive wrecks, including side mount system and closed circuit rebreathers.

All can join the conference.

The conference is organized by 'Gruppo Sommozzatori Riva del Garda' in collaboration with STDA (Scuba Training Development Academy).

See you.