DIRrebreather DPV/scooter workshop

The DIRrebreather DPV Workshop is designed to provide the participant with rebreather-specific knowledge and skills when using a Diving Propulsion Vehicle. It helps the participants to improve their personal DPV skills as well as their ability to be part of a rebreather diver team using DPVs within the limits of their current certification.


To participate in the workshop, it is required to:

  • be at least 18 years old
  • have a certification as rebreather diver (SCR or CCR) by a recognized training Agency
  • be physically and mentally fit (medical certification not older than one year)
  • have a DAN insurance (or equivalent diving insurance)
  • have participated in a DIRrebreather Fundamentals workshop within the past 2 years

Duration and limits

The workshop should last for a minimum of 2 days with at least 2 hours of Academics and 2 in-water session to a maximum depth of 18mt/60feets (no decompression), no overhead environment. A third in-water session is optional but strongly raccomended.

Maximum in-water instructor-to-student ratio is 1:3. All participants must have a DPV at all time during the in-water sessions.