Instructor courses

Marco Valenti is a CCR and OC Trimix Instr. Trainer for ANDI, CMAS, DIRrebreather, IART and IANTD till 2005. He has been Rebrather Training Developer ni UTRtek introducing ccr course in the agency till 2012.

He has been the first Hammerhead CCR Instructor and Instructor Trainer in Europe; actually he is recognised as the most experienced instructor in Europe for Hammerhead ccr.

He organises Hammerhead CCR and OC Technical Instructor Course and x-over where requested.

To attend the course candidates need to be rebreather or OC Tek diver or a certified ccr or technical instructor.

It is required to send an e-mail with attached the certificates in possession and a medical certificate not older than one year, before the course starts.

Theory lessons can be organized also through web conference.

Contact us and we'll plan together your course (with on-line method the course program can be reduced concentrating on the 'dry laboratories' and 'in water session' with a reduction of transfer costs)

For infos contact Marco:
Skype account:

Courses locations:

  • lake Garda (north Italy),
  • Kostrena (near Rijeka, Croatia),
  • Germany
  • Attersee
  • Malta
  • Red Sea, Egypt
  • Dubai/Oman in Arabic Peninsula
  • Canary Islands
  • South Korea
  • China
  • Thailand
  • Australia