'SUB' magazine December 2015- 'PROTEE' submarine wreck at -129mt

For the month of December the italian underwater magazine 'SUB'  publish an article about the wreck of submarine 'Le Protee'. In the 2014 a team of italian divers dived the wreck in perfect condition planning in a perfect manner the dive.

The team was composed by STDA divers, Marco Valenti STDA founder & training director, Andrea Pezzotti STDA Instructor and CCR 3 Explorer certified, Davide Iotti CCR 3 Explorer certified, and Oscar Corna, Mario Comi and Marco Fava (BAU Team). During the dive Mario Comi was able to take some amazing shots and Oscar Corna did a nice video of the wreck. Probably pictures are the most beatiful ever taken of this wreck till now.

Authors of the article are Marco Fava and Oscar Corna