Who we are

STDA ('Scuba Training Development Academy') was founded by Marco Valenti, currently Traininig Director of the Agency.

Teaching scuba diving from 1996,  Marco is a CCR Instructor Trainer and Tri-Mix Instructor.

He continues to provide courses also for other agencies: ANDI, CMAS, DIRrebreather, IART,  and PADI (Utrtek till 2013 and IANTD till 2005).

He's the owner of Blue Edge srl, a company involved in scuba equipment sales, design and development.

Today Marco is one of the most experienced Hammerhead ccr instructor and trainer worldwide, teaching the Hammerhead since its presentation in 2008 and using Hammerhead electronics from 2005.

He is author of many rebreather manuals like 'Intro to Rebreather' (first level course), 'CCR 1 & CCR 2 diver manual' (Trimix-60mts) and 'CCR 3 Extended Range' diver manual for Hammerhead CCR and now for the 'Blue Edge Rebreather Project'.  He developed also the Hammerhaed Instructor Development Course used in STDA training. 

He's an Inspiration and O2ptima instructor

He is a frequent speaker at conferences on rebreathers.

Certifications and activities:

2013-     : developer and deep dive tester of the 'Blue Edge rebreather project';

2012-2013: author of 'CCR 3' Extended Range Manual (vers. 0.2)

2012: author of 'CCR 1 & CCR 2 course manual for Hammerhead rebreather' (english and italian)

2010-2012: 'Rebreather Training Director' at UTRtek Int

2011: attended his 2nd Hammerhead ccr Technican course, RevD electronics by Juergensen Marine, USA.

2011: Juergensen Marine Hammerhead Extreme RevD Tester

2010-2011: author of the manual 'Intro to Rebreather' Hammerhead ccr diver course

2010: starts to introduce CCR training program in UTRtek agency as first ccr Instructor and Trainer;

Translation to italian of the Hammerhead electronics manual 2.03 by Joe Radomski (to do the download of HH electronics manual click here)

August 2010: HammerHead Instructor Trainer certification, first one in Europe, after attending the course in Pennsylvania with ITD Joe Radomski, agreeing with Juergensen Marine and ANDI International standards.

October 2009: attended his 1rst HammerHead ccr Technician course, Pennsylvania by Juergensen Marine

August 2008: DIRrebreather Fundamentals Instructor Course with Pim van der Horst

February 2008: HammerHead Instructor course/cross over in Florida with the ANDI ITD Joe Radomski

December 2005: start to use Juergensen Marine electronics.

August 2005: Inspiration CCR Instructor course, in Austria Attersee, with Pim van der Horst

February 2004: IANTD Instr. Trainer (Adv. EanX)

2003: IANTD Normoxic Tri-mix Instructor


Most important expeditions joined:

2014 Le Protee submarine -129mts, with Hammerhead Extreme, Mediterranean Sea South FranceSTDA CCR Team

2012 U-boot 455 submarine -121 meters, with Hammerhead Extreme ccr; Mediterranean Sea - Liguria, Italy - DIRrebreather

2012 Protee submarine and Natal cruise liner -129 meters, with Hammerhead Extreme ccr; Mediterranean Sea South France -  DIRrebreather

2011 Viminale wreck  -107 meters, with HammerHead ccr; Tyrrhenian Sea - DIRrebreather

2010 Garibaldi Wreck -123 meters, with HammerHead ccr; Adriatic Sea - DIRrebreather

2003 Szent Istvan Expedition -60 meters , as photographer  with OC; Adriatic Sea - IANTD

Other certifications: ANDI CCR Full Cave diver L4 , UTD cave diver 1, ANDI UTRtek and DIRrebreather dpv instructor, Gas blender Instr. Trainer, Trimix and IDC Staff Instr. PADI, Specialty Instructor, EFR instructor, Life Guard SNS.

Deep dives training location: lake Garda, north Italy