The rebreather Hammerhead Extreme RevC+ - 2011 by Marco Valenti HH Instructor Trainer & Tester


Today the Hammerhead Extreme can be considered the safest (no accidents till today, entered into the market in 2007), the deepest (-283 mts) and best designed eCCR available on the market.

Following his motto, Juergensens Marine is going on improving again his rebreathers.

In 2010 JM showed the new Hammerhead Extreme equipped with the RevC+ electronics. The Extreme has the new 'Dome' head with redisigned loop connections, an improved loop flow, a wonderful new extractable sensors pod, eliminating any chance of filter bypass through sensors.

The head design appears clean, simply and extremly user friendly for the standard procedure that the rebreather diver has to follow before and at the end of dives.

The new head is a bit more heavy than the previous Classic one (+/- 500gr) and helps to keep a better trim moving a bit more weight on the top.

 The Hammerhead Extreme is an expedition level rebreather but equipping it with the smaller HOBO canister and filter, it becomes a perfect buddy for all type of dives, recreational dives included.