New Hammerhead users

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After attending the specific x-over course other two guys joined the Hammerhead ccr club. Just Inspiration Vision and Voyager mccr users Andrea P. and Milco B. are now Hammerhead users.

Hammerhead rebreather course 'Intro to ccr' - June 2012

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In the month of June will start a new Hammerhead rebreather course, 'Intro to ccr' UTRtek-CMAS

Course limits:

Max depth: 30meters, no deco

Diluent: air

Location: Croatia

For info:

Phone: (+39) 347.5041939

 The 14th of April will take place the convention 'Scuba diving between traditions and innovations' by the social theater in Cittadella (Padua).

The convention will start at 13.30 with the participants registration.

The topics will deal with:

New Hammerhead ccr Instructor in Thailand

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In the month of March Bruce Konefe, ANDI Instructor Trainer Director, finished his Hammerhead Instructor ccr x-over.

Bruce will organize Hammerhead ccr courses mainly in Thailand and Philippines.

The Hammerhead Instructor course x-over tooks place in Pattaya area, Thailand.

Since the 16th to the 19th of February tooks place the European Underwater Diving Internation Show (EUDI Show) in Milan. Marco Valenti, Hammerhead Instructor Trainer and RevD Tester, showed the Hammerhead family:

. Hammerhead Extreme with RevD elecrtonics

New Guiness World Record!

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The 12th of Febrauary MIchele Tomasi, italian free diver champion, fixed the New Guiness World Record in 'One breath hold Free diving Under Ice' covering a distance of 130 meters.

Guinness World Record Attempt - Under Ice Free Diving

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The 12th of Febraury the champion MicheleTomasi of Rane Nere Free Diving Team will try to fix the new Guinness World Record in Free Diving Under Ice .

Hammerhead RevD electronics video by JM

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In the month of January 2012 is planned a new Fundamentals CCR course.

Pre-requisites: be CCR rebreather level 1 certified

Location: Riva del Garda - Italy, Kostrena - Kroatia

Instructor: Marco Valenti

Seat available: 2

For infos and booking:

During the last week-end of October, since 28th to 1rst of November, will take place the speleo and cave gathering 'Speleolessina 2011' , in the town of Negrar, close to Verona (north Italy).