6° International Rebreather gathering in Valais Switzerland

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The 25th of September there is planned the 6th International Rebreather Gathering in Valais, Switzerland. During the week end there will be the chnace to talk about rebreathers, attending presentations of new ccr and trial dives.

For the first time ever, since the 19th to the 25th of September, there will be an unmissable event at lake Garda. The Comsubin, the Italian Navy special Forces, will organise a week of training with their students in the lake.

Since the 15th of September till the 18th there will be the 4th edition of the rebreather gathering 'Un tuffo nel silenzio'. The location of event organised by Pianeta Sommerso in collaboration with Argentario Divers diving center will be Porto Ercole (Argentario area Tuscany).

3rd International rebreather gathering - 9th-11th of September Austria

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The 9th - 11th September there wìll be the 3rd International rebreather gathering, in Weissenbach, Attersee Austria.

2011 DIRrebreather expedition on Viminale wreck, south Italy

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